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Community building in the Fijian village - how over 300 people are sustaining their lives?

"You know, Kamila, what we have, is each other. The power is in inside. We can not expect that someone from outside will care about us. You are the first to come and ask about our needs."

Biausevu, Fiji. December 2022.

Talks were around education, health and wellbeing.

When being there, we organised community sessions where we went through series of discussions about challenges, opportunities and needs of the village and its people. I was introduced to their way of life. We farmed, fish and cooked together.

The poem is a try to express what I have seen.

•Movement of the village•

Looking for the origins of our journey

Wondering what’s their shape

Asking if directions lead right


Waking up in the morning

Walking the path of harvest

Planting seeds of the future


Being lost in the bushes

Creating sounds of the warrior

Staying still for the birds to reply


Barefoot feeling stones

Rivers getting through the body

In search of lives


Sunset ceremonies bring all

Together voices to be heard

Sharing daily thoughts of the night


Not mine, not yours but ours

Connecting by the next day

Giving shoulder with understanding

Keeping still


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