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Building Bridges 2021, Factory 17

[FACTORY17] Meet Kamila Ciok ✨

📆 Wednesday 1st December | 19:30-21:00 | Forum Genève

The world is at a pivotal moment, and we urgently need to bring our natural system into balance. For this, we believe, we need to shift towards a #regenerative #system that recognizes the value of #nature and #biodiversity.

But this is not a journey that we need to take alone.

By listening to what is around her, Kamila discovers the voices of people and what is hidden in our world. She is curious, she questions, and uses her courage.

The past few years have been a journey of constant discovery for answers about humanity and its essence; peace engagement in Pakistan, being with Tuaregs on the Algerian desert, researching social engagement in Jordan, observing social development of the Republic of Dagestan.

Kamila Ciok is also the founder of Alimuradova Organisation, which supports youth empowerment and researches social issues, making empathy at the core of building society.

Hear her powerful and inspiring story at #Factory17, the key public event of the #BuildingBridgesWeek2021 in Geneva.

The event is now fully booked! We're looking forward to see you there.

If you won't be able to attend physically, you can follow the livestream here:

Co-organizers: Impact Hub Geneva, InTent, Accelerate2030, Building Bridges, Circular Economy Transition


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